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The Netherlands

Andijkstraat 75, Emmeloord 8304 CT, Flevoland, Noordoostpolder, Netherlands
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Our family company originated around 1895 when Pieter Bot started a gardener company with a cultivation plan 
for vegetable and seed cultivation. Starting in 1927, three sons Gerrit, Klaas and Evert are the company Gebr. Bone.
They began the cultivation of bulbs, such as tulips and crocuses and stopped the seed cultivation. At the end of
the 30's, gladiol and hyacinth were also taken up in the cultivation program. Brother Klaas stepped out of the
company. In the 1950s, the cultivation of iris sprouts began and vegetable crops were demolished. Due to the increased concentration on bulb cultivation, the area grew well to 22 hectares. In the early 1950s,
the hyacinth disappeared from the cultivation plan and around 1960 also the growth of gladiol. In the late 1960's,
the brothers Bot started their own Iris preparation treatments. This was good for the distribution of the delivery
program. In the 70's the Bot completely stopped the cultivation of flower bulbs. In three years, Bot grew from a
nursery to a trade and preparation company. In the 1980s, the trade grew in prepared irises. From October, French bulbs were first delivered for early flowering,
followed by Dutch bulbs for the greenhouses in the winter months. The released storage space was filled with lily
bulbs, especially Longiflorum. From the new millennium, both trade in lily bulbs, and exports increased. In 2004,
the Gladiool bush crop was added to the delivery program. Specialization Bot Flowerbulbs specializes in the preparation of flower bulbs. As a result, a lot of knowledge is obtained in
different flower bulbs. This enables us to market flower bulbs every year. Bot Flowerbulbs guides its customers
during cultivation for optimal results. Because if the customer is doing well, that is also good for Bot.
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Andijkstraat 75, Emmeloord 8304 CT, Flevoland, Noordoostpolder, Netherlands